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Asia-Pacific Virtual Exchange Association

The Asia-Pacific Virtual Exchange Association (APVEA) was developed with the goal of linking students in the Asia Pacific region via virtual exchanges.


Cultura is a Web-based, intercultural project that connects American students with other students in different countries. The site includes archived Cultura sample projects and a teacher’s guide.


Pairing services for K-12 schools around the world that want to engage students in telecollaborative projects.


iLEARN is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 140 countries. iLEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet.


A tool developed by teachers for students to work with peers in complementary language classes. LinguaeLive helps instructors identify peer classes whose skills and needs complement theirs.


Soliya is an international nonprofit organization that engages young people across the globe in face-to-face, technology-enabled dialogue to empower youth to foster cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

SUNY COIL Global Partner Network

The SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is one of the leading international organizations focused on the emerging field of Globally Networked Learning (GNL), a teaching and learning methodology which provides innovative cost-effective internationalization strategies.  

Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom is an online community that enables thousands of teachers to inspire the next generation of global citizens through transformative learning over Skype.


Connecting language learners to native speakers around the world through chats.

Teletandem Brasil Project

The Teletandem Brasil Project of UNESP – Universidade Estadual Paulista, Brazil matches up Brazilian university students who want to learn a foreign language with students in other countries who are learning Portuguese.


Teleplaza facilitates telecollaborative connections among heritage Spanish and Latino Studies courses at the college level within the United States. Instructors can use Teleplaza to find a project posted by another school, or to post their own project.

The Mixxer

Free educational site for language learners hosted by Dickinson College designed to connect language learners around the world in e-tandem language exchanges.

Virtual Exchange Coalition

The Virtual Exchange Coalition comprises diverse practitioners working together to foster a more supportive and generative ecosystem for virtual exchange programming to develop, innovate, and grow.


UNICollaboration is as a cross-disciplinary academic organization to support telecollaborative practitioners and to promote telecollaboration and virtual exchange in higher education.         

Unicollaboration (portal)

The online platform provides university educators with the tools and resources for organizing online intercultural exchange projects for their students. The tools on the platform also allow users to add new tasks, classes, sample projects and to contribute to conversations in the community forums.


This was a free online language network to learn and practice languages with native speakers through text, audio, or video chat. Unfortunately, suspended operation. Despite an incredible response from English-learners around the world, they were unable to sustain the operation of Watch brief video today’s CNN news stories are today’s FREE English lessons


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