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Community colleges play an increasingly important role in American society as gateways to higher education, providing a path to skill-centered workplaces and four-year colleges. The Language at the Community College Nexus Project (LCCN) seeks to generate knowledge about students and instructors of world languages at community colleges (CCs) across the U.S. through the use of survey research, and to facilitate discussion on language instruction in the community college context. On this page you will find resources that have been developed as part of the LCCN project.

The Students and Instructors of Languages at Community Colleges (SILCC) Surveys were developed in collaboration with an inter-campus panel of community college language instructors, researchers and administrators to conduct survey-based research on the state, needs, and opportunities of language education at the community college level.

The Community-College-Language Forum is organized biennially and brings together members of different communities – K-12 schools, businesses, senior colleges, and governmental, cultural, and community organizations – to discuss the role of languages other than English (LOTEs) in American society, and how community colleges can best support language education and language learners.


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