Forum Program

Events take place in the Concourse Lobby and adjacent rooms (elevators down to C-Level).
*** sessions may be recorded and/or webcast ***


10:00 – 10:30Registration and Welcome Breakfast
10:30 – 11:00Opening Remarks
  • Alberta Gatti, Director, CILC
  • Chase Robinson, President, The Graduate Center
  • Paul Arcario, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, LaGuardia Community College
11:00 – 11:50
Articulation, Retention, and Student Success Moderator: Alexander Funk, CILC

The View from the Back Page: Languages in North Carolina’s New Comprehensive Articulation Agreement” by Chris Moore De Ville, Pitt Community College

The Impact of Tutor-Led Modern Language Labs on the Engagement of Community College Students in Modern Language Courses” Lorna Feldman, LaGuardia Community College and Julio Rosario, LaGuardia Community College

Return/Graduation Success of Students Taking the Heritage Language Course” Tomonori Nagano, LaGuardia Community College
12:00 – 12:45Invited Presentation
“Results from the 2016 MLA Language Enrollment Census: The View from Community Colleges”

Dennis Looney, Director of Programs and ADFL, Modern Language Association
Natalia Lusin, Associate Director of Research, Modern Language Association

This talk will present findings from the 2016 MLA Language Enrollment Census with a focus on the applicability of specific data to colleagues in community colleges. Topics include: highlights of the survey and enrollment trends, how faculty members can use the data to advocate for the study of language(s) on their home campus, and the distribution of enrollments by institutional or program type in postsecondary education.
12:45 – 2:00Lunch provided by CILC
2:00 – 2:35Applying Open Educational Resources,
Moderator: Alberta Gatti, CILC

Expanding Practical Approaches to Teaching with Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Language Classroom” by Laurie Lomask, Borough of Manhattan Community College
OER or Z? The case of Montgomery College” by Sharon Fechter, Montgomery College
2:40 – 3:30Pedagogical Applications of Technology
Moderator: Eric Ketcham, CILC

Learning Languages in the Digital Age: Best Practices and Alternatives for Developing Oral Skills and Fostering Student to Student Interactions in Online Instruction” by Silvia Roig, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Promoting Intercultural Community Competence, Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills through Virtual Collaborative Learning Partner Projects with College English-Language Learners in China” by Dali Tan, Northern Virginia Community College

Telecollaboration in the Heritage Language Class: A Tool for Dialectic and Critical Analyses of Latinx Identity” by Aránzazu Borrachero, Queensborough Community College
3:35-4:30Coffee Break
3:45 – 4:35Translation and Interpretation
Moderator: Aída Martínez-Gómez, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Teaching Translation for Professional Purposes at the Community College” by Ana María Hernández, LaGuardia Community College and María Cornelio, Hunter College

Court-Interpreter Internship Pilot Program for Multilingual Students: Challenges and Accomplishments” by Habiba Boumlik, LaGuardia Community College and Ann Ryan, New York Courts

Successes of the Medical, Legal and Community Interpreting Program at Tulsa Community College” by Rita Weil, Ricarti Group and Tina Peña, Tulsa Community College
4:40 – 5:30Keynote Address

“Speaking Up for Language Education: It’s Everybody’s Business”
Marty Abbott, Executive Director, ACTFL

What is the role of language educators in the current climate of disruption to the notion of acceptance of those who speak other languages and come from other cultures? How can we equip ourselves not just to survive, but to thrive, during these times? Several national initiatives have provided important tools that language professionals can use to spur students and our expanded communities to speak up, take action, and effect change in order to bridge America’s language gap.
5:30Closing Remarks, Alberta Gatti

​With special thanks to:

​Valeria Belmonti, Alexander Elinson, Aranzazu Borrachero, Tom Means, Olga Aksakalova, Luisanna Sardu, and Kyoko Toyama for developing and leading pre-conference workshops. Tomonori Nagano and Alex Funk for their commitment to CILC’s community college initiatives.

Dennis Looney and the talented MLA team who have always been so generous with their time. Michael Rolland for stepping in every time we needed him, and the other CILC research assistants, Miriam Atkin, Tyler Peckenpaugh, and Katie Etingar for their generous dedication to many organizational aspects of the conference.

And finally, Danielle Wetmore, the true motor behind all things forum, who always approached the many tasks involved with professionalism, a collaborative spirit, and a positive attitude.

Alberta Gatti, Director, CILC &
Eric Ketcham, Assistant Director, CILC


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